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AI Notebooks: Where Raw Data Becomes Clean and Insightful

Add your raw data into AI Notebooks to utilize specialized AIs and tools for cleaning your data and extracting insightful analyses and visualizations, helping you figure out the best decisions instantly.

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AI-Powered Data Cleaning

Unreliable data leads to misguided decisions. Preparing high-quality, clean data should be the first priority in your data-driven decision-making process.

Our AI addresses three key challenges to customize data analysis for you

Simplifying complex data for AI analysis

Guiding users with targeted questions about their data

Automating code for custom queries

Klarence, Your Proactive AI data analyst for turning your data to actionable decisions

Data Privacy Assurance

Your Data Stays Yours

Rest assured, we do not utilize your data to enhance our AI Agents. Your information remains strictly yours.

Trusted Cloud Storage

We store your data with the most reliable and trusted cloud providers. Your privacy is our top priority.

Discover the power of DataMotto

Supports Modern Data Science Languages

AI conducts customized analysis using Python, R, and SQL.

Share with your team

Share your insight report with other team members

Connect Your Data Sources

Centralize all of your analysis and team members in your workspace.


Centralize all of your analysis and team members in your workspace.


Use separate boards to organize your notebooks.

Making sense of your data with our AI, in seconds.

Get started with our free plan. It's simple and fast.

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