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Preprocess, Clean, Enrich. Make Your Data Ready with AI.

Your data almost always requires preprocessing to be ready for your needs. Our AI automates the tedious task of preparing and cleansing your data, saving you hours of work.

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Save Hours in Data Preparation

Data analysts spend 80% of their time preprocessing and cleaning data for insights—a tedious, manual task. AI is a game-changer!

The Reality of Raw Data Preprocessing

Fill missing values in some key columns

Transform text columns like customer feedback into 0-5 numeric ratings.

Split FullName column into First Name and Last Name.

Extract Day, Month, Year from Purchase Date for improved time analysis.

Group similar categories to streamline analysis

Identify patterns in Customer Feedback and create a new column for sentiment analysis.

Merge multiple columns, like Sales Region and Sales Area into one for clarity.

Check and validate format in some columns like Email and Address.

Standardize Date of Purchase for visualization.

Remove unnecessary columns to focus on impactful data.

More Feature Engineering and Transformation …

Enriched with external data for comprehensive insights

Good Decisions Need Good Data

Unreliable data leads to misguided decisions. Preparing high-quality, clean data should be the first priority in your data-driven decision-making process.

Data Privacy Assurance

Your Data Stays Yours

Rest assured, we do not utilize your data to enhance our AI Agents. Your information remains strictly yours.

Trusted Cloud Storage

We store your data with the most reliable and trusted cloud providers. Your privacy is our top priority.

Diverse Use Cases

Explore how DataMotto's AI transforms raw, messy datasets into analysis-ready information across various real-world scenarios.

Unlock Collaborative Excellence with DataMotto


Centralize all of your analysis and team members in your workspace.


Using separate boards for each category.

Sharing with Your Team

Share with your team without any hassle.

Data Cleaning and Quality, Simplified with AI

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